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Parent Testimonials on 2014 production of G2K Oklahoma

What an amazing group! You brought out the best in all of those kids, and they were so poised and proud and full of life! Loved it!

Meredith Maskara, mom to entering 6th grader

Thanks for such a wonderful experience. My kids loved it!!!

Ellery Sandhu, mom to entering 3rd and 1th graders

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to watch [my son] participate in this. He had a great time throughout the year and I think it was a great learning experience for him.

Humphrey Bilger, dad to entering 1st grader

Unity Stage is both professional and affordable. It has a fun informal atmosphere and yet it produces quality performances. We are so thrilled to have it as a resource in Western Queens.

Danny Katch, dad to entering K and 5th grader

Theater-Makers Parent Testimonials

Thank you for the program that [my daughter, age 12] attended. We’ve been to dozens of our children’s performances over the years and what set this one apart was wonderful. In case no one tells you enough, as a mother of two girls, getting their self-esteem established and keeping it healthy is a big undertaking. I am happily stunned at what your program accomplished in such a short amount of time. It was the best kid’s show we’ve ever attended. Thank you.

Kim Moser-Kacin

Thanks so much for giving my girls [ages 10 and 13] a great two-week theater experience. I have never heard them sing like that! A wonderful, wonderful show.

Richard Younger, professional singer/guitarist

Other Testimonials

The production of Museum was a really exciting evening in theatre. The crafty use of an actual gallery setting brought a wonderful sense of “being there” to the production, and the performances were spectacular. I have seen performances of classics by Unity and marvel at how an operation with limited resources can produce such satisfying productions. Friends who came with me were also extremely impressed.

Dale Burg, Writer, Manhattan [LIC Arts Open 2012]

The amount of talent in that cozy basement venue in Sunnyside puts to shame a lot of things getting more attention in more commercial venues. A hilarious and very human evening of theatrical fun.

Jeff Trachtman, Park Slope, Figgy Pudding Short Play Fest

As an art teacher who runs my own arts program in Queens, I appreciate and embrace any initiative taken by artists to bring more culture, art and entertainment to the community. Hearing about Unity Stage I jumped on the opportunity to send both my kids to attend the program. The feedback from the kids was great! They thoroughly enjoyed it and their final performance was fantastic!!! They still sing and perform some of the songs and skits they have learned. I think that Unity Stage is a fantastic organization that should be fully supported!!!!

Deborah Wasserman, Jackson Heights [Unity Stage Summer Arts 2012]

Unity Stage got my shy son up on stage to act and sing with a strong voice.

Michelle N, Izzy’s mom [Unity Stage Summer Arts 2012]

I want to stress how much Lila's experience performing in How to Eat Like a Child immensely boosted her self-confidence and overall level of happiness. Lila is a natural performer but if it weren't for Unity Stage she wouldn't have any outlet to sing and act and clown around. Unity Stage is both professional and affordable. It has a fun informal atmosphere and yet it produces quality performances at the end. We are so thrilled the program has grown to include our neighborhood (Jackson Heights).

Danny Katch, Jackson Heights [After-School-Musical 2012]

This summer my two daughters, Sophie and Michele, were part of the Performing Arts Youth Summer Workshop. Not only did they receive first-class theater training and have a fun time with a great group of kids, but they got to perform in a top-shelf production of Bye Bye Birdie—all at a price that would make any parent envious. What Sofia Geier has brought to our neighborhood and to Queens is nothing short of a Godsend. Her work should be applauded and supported.

Richard Younger, Sunnyside